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Rainbow Riches

I so love seeing a beautiful rainbow and wondered lately at what it really signifies. I've discovered for myself that there is no pot of gold there!

Pinterest Rich Pins - Easy Steps

Pinterest rich pins is the way to go if you want to have repeat visitors. Follow these four steps and pics to get the job done in no time flat!

My new favourite quotes

If you're looking for inspirational quotes to relax with and contemplate on during your devotional or quiet time, you can use these. I really love them.

How to Forgive and Forget

Here’s my disclaimer to this post on forgive and forget to start off with: It is not easy, but it is so worth it! Have you ever been hurt and hurt and hurt by the same person? Feels like torture, doesn’t it? But the right thing to do is to forgive! The forgiveness part …

Lamentations: my own thoughts

Lamentations are happening all around us. Enough suffering happening in the world. Then again, you have more reasons to be grateful than to lament.

What Would You do on the Isle of Patmos

I’m not much of a historian or even one for reading and enjoying historical accounts, but recently I’ve been drawn to the story of John the Revelator and his Isle of Patmos experience. Who is that? I think I can hear many of you asking. Well you know the books of the Bible? Well John …

From the Pit to the Palace

You can rise from the pit to the palace just like Joseph did. You just have to keep in line with what your Father asks of you. I found this so inspirational