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Hippocampus design for the movie Percy Jackson:Sea of Monsters by Alfonso De La Torre.

io9from io9

Concept art shows Percy Jackson's cyclops could have been way nastier

Percy Jackson's concept art hippocampus conversation my sister had with my momafter seeing percy jackson 2: Sister- I liked the hippocampus! Mom- The what? Sister- ...... Sister- The rainbow pony thing. Mom- oh.

Like idea of "boney"creatures. Maybe more otherworldly less magical fantasy inspired. Art of Paul Gerrard

Awesome monsters for a Dark Fantasy scenario... (Kekai Kotaki) - courtesy of the design team of Guild Wars (GW concept art).

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Monster concept, Crystel Land on ArtStation at

Hippocampus- Greek myth: a horse with the back half of a fish. It had a fin as a mane and fins else where on the body. They had green scales all over. They were adults of sea-horses. They were ridden by water nymphs and water gods.

Creatures like this is why only the very brave or the very stupid travel to the icy wastes of Parisius.