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  • Alice Sanchez

    Lord of the Rings. i love Liv Tyler and she's in my favorite movie trilogy

  • Jenn Miller

    Liv Tyler in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

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Arwen.I just LOVE this picture of her soooo much,can't express myself enough!!

Liv Tyler as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings

Arwen...have always wanted to do the white dress from the bridge scene

Arwen. Most beautiful woman to my mummy.

Liv Tyler as Arwen in The Lord of the Rings, wearing a maroon/burgundy gown of velvet with silver/blue leaf embroidery on the sleeves.

Making decisions that hurt is a part of being wise, of becoming your own authority. Arwen realizes that in this moment of choice, as did her mother Celebrian before her, and Galadriel before that, that all power and magic and beauty come with responsability, and one cannot be a true queen without sacrificing something.

Collar. Layers. Beading. Shimmer. Sleeves. Shimmer. No visible shaping seams/darts/

Liv Tyler in Peter Jackson's Lord of The Rings: The Return of a King 2003