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It displays three timers on one readable screen and has three different sounds—perfect for juggling the turkey and sides. $19.99 #tools #cooking

The tight seal and super-fast suction make it ideal for any basting job. $12.99. #cooking #tools

This fat separator has a large strainer to catch the drippings while stopping the chunks, a low spout to ensure you’re only pouring out the flavorful juices, and a stopper that prevents fat from escaping. $14.99. #cooking #tools

This roasting pan has a thick bottom and sides, which retain heat for even cooking, and wide handles that are easy to hold when you’re wearing oven mitts. $99.95. #cooking #tools

These Cuisipro #Fish Tongs are specially shaped to pick up fillets in one piece. #cooking

Big buttons make this probe thermometer easy to use—simply set the required temperature. The large display is visible from across the kitchen and the unit sticks to magnetic surfaces or stands up on the counter. $17.63. #cooking #tools

The comfortable grip and long thin blade of this set mean neat slices of turkey every time. $45. #cooking #tools

I've always wondered which type of oil is best for various tasks. Here, 8 are listed, along with recommended uses.