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How to make headband is simple. You need to cut your felt into certain shapes you like then joint them using sewing machine or stitch. Oh yes, dont forget to put a matching ribbon in the end of every tip so that your children can tie their headband easily

Inspiracion Lira in Wonderland : Foto

The Hair Bow Company. I love how the Hair Bow Company not only sells me the craft supplied for my Baby's accessories, but they teach me how to do the crafts! Can't wait to try this tulle bow!

DIY Valentines for Kids

Handmade Valentines for Kids: Cupcake Goodies

Lollipop Flower Valentines-This Valentine's Day, encourage kids to show sweet sentiments with tokens of affection that go beyond the store-bought card. Most of the projects require only a bit of cutting and a little gluing-Martha Stewart

Como hacer flores de papel para San Valentin

Como hacer flores de papel para San Valentin

Valentine Flowers: The petals of these romantic flowers are overlapping paper hearts, inscribed with words or single letters that spell out a message.

Will you o"fish"ally be my Valentine? 101 Great Valentine ideas!

Valentine Goldfish "Will You o'FISH'ally be my Valentine?" or Day Goldfish "You are o'fish'ally 100 days smarter!