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Beautiful! Love that it creates a heart in the fold of the book!

Wedding Rings on the Holy Bible......AWESOME....profpound statement....founded on the Word of GOD. This means more than you will ever story. John is my gift from GOD....I prayed for the type of man GOD decribes in HIS word and HE sent me JOHN.....GOT TO HAVE THIS photo!!

Bible for carrying the rings instead of a pillow! I absolutely love this and am sooooo going to have it for my wedding!!

Soo cute... let the little guy change into this for the reception... so he wont have to dress like a penguin for the whole night! LOL

A vintage Bible or family Bible used instead of a ring pillow

I have a little Bible like this from 1960 that a little boy gave my Mom, she was only 14 yrs old. In the Bible she has written that She loved Milliard, and other little notes. It is the sweetest and I cherish it. I love this and would love for my daughter to do this...hmmmm maybe she will.

Using the Bible instead of a pillow for the!