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1898 The Pelican Egg Gift: Emperor Nicholas II to his mother, the Dowager Empress Maria Fedorovna for Easter. Owner: Bequest of Lillian Thomas Pratt, Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond, Virginia. Height: 29 cm

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Lilies of the Valley Egg, 1898. Presented by Nicholas II to Czarina Alexandra Fyodorovna. Gold, green-gold, enamel, diamonds, rubies, pearls, rock crystal, watercolor on ivory. Kept in Svyaz' Vremyon Fund - Viktor Vekselberg collection - Moscow.

The House of the Pelican - Elisabeth Kyle, 1955. At her mom’s boarding house, Chris befriends the kids of a widowed American trombone player, hired for the Edinburgh Festival, and often babysits his very young daughter, Janet. The child is lost one day and returns with a story about a house with a pelican on the façade and an old man who showed her a mysterious gold music box. Only Chris believes her until they meet a rich collector on the trail of the rare object. Great Edinburgh setting!