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▶ A dog in Chile is unfortunately hit by a car and wounded. Another dog drags the wounded dog to the side of the road in spite of heavy traffic. The hero dog then ran away. Note that none of the people passing by stopped to help the injured dog, but the rescuer dog put its own life at risk to rescue the injured dog. What does it say about us humans when a stray dog is more ethical than us? | Jim Cristea (YouTube, 12/8/2008, 0:51)

Edison’s Mother

Edison’s Mother ~ whether this is truth or not matters very little. Beware the words you speak to a child for they become their inner voice X My Father taught me that.

The boys play with the neighbors dog that is always outside and never played with at her own house.

Definitely One Of The Most Courageous Women On Earth

CAT Super Skateboarding Adventure! Go Didga! (ORIGINAL)