love the color combo.

love the teal/rose combo, slight middle eastern vibe in this pretty bedroom

Bright colored floral pillows

9 Ways to Create Bed Frames Out of Used Pallet Wood - Pallet Furniture I like the tall platform look this has but I would need space I. The center to put my box spring :/

Girls room!

love the colors!

Vintage Bedroom Ideas. Love the headboard and chandelier.

Lovely and bright yellow bedroom

Stone wallpaper adds a cool, natural element that complements most decor styles. Easy to install rock murals featuring agate cross-sections to stone walls to collections of smooth river rocks.

pretty bedroom

love the colors

not the headboard, but the shelf above it


See Colors

pretty bedding

looks lovely

cozy and bright. Really like the coffee table

bed canopy

a pretty bedroom with a view