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This is the final design for the next part of my thigh sleeve. The theme of the sleeve is family, as my family is very important to me! The meaning and importance of this part is my ancestors. Some of my ancestors were Romany gypsys, therefore I want this on tattooed on my thigh. I cannot wait and my tattoo is booked for friday :)

Love the look of this tattoo! Not sure if I could get it myself though.

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MYTHOLOGY Fantasy Dragon Geisha Limited Edition by Christopher Soprano, $50.00

Geisha tattoos are beautiful option for body art, so do you know the real geisha tattoo meaning? Geisha is a Japanese word that has the meaning of ‘’person of the arts’’ and the authentic geisha is said as the literal art model in human shape. Geisha tattoos are very feminine and considered erotic and beautiful not just by women but men as well.

"I had always known that my first tattoo was going to be a geisha, because I had made a promise with my dad that we’d get matching tattoos. We’re no longer close anymore, but this tattoo represents my pride in being asian and my wish to have a better relationship with my father. I absolutely love Aubrey Kawasaki’s work and am so proud to have her work as a piece of art on my body. Done by Deran Hall and Golden Spiral Studios, Greensboro, NC."

Finished geisha sleeve done by Mike Nomikos at South Shore Tattoo Co. in Amityville, NY!

So pretty... I love drapey things that show a hint of shoulder... and this one cascades down her back. Beautiful.

Exactly where I would put mine except mine would be a phoenix...js

I was amazed by the hair, the way it braid, not in the oiran tattoo. #mehehe :p