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The Mike Summers Radio Show - Episode #11 07/01 by AVERadioNetwork | Blog Talk Radio

Frozen Quote// a girl in my ward said this at 5 in the morning at Girls Camp...we told her to put a sleeping bag over her head and go back to sleep :]

RollerShoot With Hosts of the show Roller Derby Legends "Sweet" Stephanie Garcia and "Skinny Minnie" Gwen Miller. They will give it to you in a way that you always wanted to hear it in Roller Derby talk. From the past to the present rite into the the future of the game.

Never going to use a script! Deal with it! I'm Wacko Bob!

The Anything Show - With Wacko Bob and more. 02/21 by The Wacko Network | Entertainment Podcasts

This chart is missing, "Does husband still have skraggly beard? Yes- no shave! No- Only if it's date night"

Wacko in the Morning - This One Is For Michelle 11/20 by The Wacko Network | Entertainment Podcasts

Wacko in the Morning - with Wacko Bob & more 03/18 by The Wacko Network | Entertainment Podcasts