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#SikhNet Let us close our eyes for a moment. It's December. We are probably wearing something warm. Our mom has taken out the big thick blankets for winter time. Now lets think about the Sahibzadey. They're sitting in Thanda Burj with our grandmother, Mata Gujri Ji. The cold wind is blowing and there's nothing protecting them from the elements. But, their faces glow as Mata Ji tells them sakhian about our grandfather, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji.

The 5 K's of Sikhism: Some1 says that Sikhi's, with the help of the CIA/Fockers/Bapts., gave me toxic germ that causes my right ear, gland and jaw problem. Srujana is Sikhi + others in HC, Baltimore, Nikki Haley is former Sikhi. I dont know these ppl. They assoc. me w Ben Beckmann, FARC, that CIA keeps out of prison. Personally, I dont know. Dave, please confirm.