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Cheap & Easy Couples' Costumes!

Want to do a couples' Halloween costume on the cheap, while keeping it classy? With a few DIY tricks and some imagination, it's easy. How about cardboard costumes that turn you into slices of bread, one with peanut butter and the other with jelly? Got overalls and caps? You could be Mario and Luigi from the popular video games. Browse the entire list of eBay's cheap and easy couples' costumes, and pick the one that best fits your personality as a pair!

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Coolest Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man DIY Halloween Couple Costumes 21

Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man DIY Halloween Couple Costume: Before you start on this Mr. & Mrs. Pac Man DIY Couple Costume, be prepared to spend a little bit of time cutting the body! We used shipping tape to tape