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  • Tania Vasquez

    Instructions from a 95 year old man. Great for the new year!

  • K Rushin

    Life advice from 95 year old man :)

  • ariesfiredragon

    Life's Little Instructions from a 95 year old man - Wise Words ♥

  • Cindy Kessler

    Instructions from a 95 year old man. Don't miss the moments in your life, you can NEVER go back to reclaim them but thank GOD you can move FORWARD and RENEW, REFRESH and RESTART on being who your were meant to be and to be the best you can be. The Little things in life count as much if not more than the big things :)

  • Erin Couch

    Instructions from a 95 year old man. There's some good advice in here.

  • Jordan Wight

    life lessons from a 95 year old man. so sweet.

  • Frankie Riley

    life instructions -- from a 95 year old man

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by a 95 year old. he knows what he's doing.

"Love those around you, explore new paths, make new memories, pray, love one another, see the world, defy expectations, when there's a will, there's a way, life is not fair, work hard, stay true to one's beliefs, follow your dreams, take responsibility, always have a plan, enjoy the ride!"

You create beauty with your attitude, your behavior, your actions. ---I view people by what I see on the inside, not the outside. If you are rude, cruel, self-centered and mean, you are an ugly person. If you care about others, have compassion and put others first, you are beautiful!!

This reminds me of Tanya's father and how he took his job seriously and with great passion, not letting others do it for him, but letting them do it with him. refresh, have no regrets, hone my personal style, love, simplify, go on adventure, change my outlook, love what i do, be me

"Age is of no importance unless you are a cheese." board

I don't know if Bob Marley actually quoted this, but I like it, and I really like my man. So here's to him, cause he's not perfect, but he's awesome.

For Jaelyn who has always been strong, this is just one more thing! And we will kick it in the A**