Attach power strip to desk leg with velcro strips to keep loose cords at bay. Good for sewing table.


Cable management with binder clips. Clever!

Toilet paper tubes to hold cords



Fold a pocket into your gift-wrap to stick the card in so it doesn't get smart!

so smart

Simple and inexpensive. genius!


Tension rod for spray bottles! So smart!!

Use a sunglasses case to store cords and cables in your bag.

DIY: Shoe Box Turned Charging Station

toilet paper roll reuse - wow so smart!

Attach cords to kitchen appliances by using velcro

Super smart...way cheaper than wire baskets or multiple bin hampers. genius

Smart Idea: Bread ties keep tape end handy

Binder clips to organize chargers and USB cords. Can label them, too! - cool idea!

Just had one of those duh moments...Use tape to measure distance between the two holes, then put the tape on the wall. Smart and simple!

Organizing tips!