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Peacock rock

Called the Royal One, the 306-carat, gem-quality black opal was kept hidden for 14 years by a miner who discovered it in the Australian outback. It is almost double the size of the Aurora Australis, found in 1938, which was valued at $1 million in 2005.

Large Peacock Ore gemstone The Witches' Stone by TheSageGoddess, $9.00


cinereolupus: more peacock ore i really need to get a piece of this for my collection, this is gorgeous! so beautiful, i love peacock ore!

Photograph of an uncut sapphire crystal (171220) from the National Mineral Collection. Photo by Chip Clark.

Burma Ruby

Tanzanite from Tanzania

CHALCOPYRITE, a copper-iron-sulfite material better known as Peacock Stone to those in Arizona.

ruby; gem stone; red; mineral; precious stone

Austrailian Opal

Titanium Quartz



Hematite with Calcite

Chalcopyrite (or Peacock Ore).

Chalcopyrite (Crown Chakra) : This mineral increases your perceptive abilities. It assists you in pulling ethereal energy to you to bring information to you and others. Peacock ore can be used to break up energy blockages and can open up and cleanse the Crown Chakra. It makes an excellent meditation stone.

Rainbow Aura Peacock Quartz Crystal Cluster from by FenderMinerals,

Emerald on Quartz

a slice of the Fukang meteorite - so beautiful! When it slammed into the surface of Earth, there was little sign of the beauty that lay inside. But cutting the Fukang meteorite open yielded a breathtaking sight. Within the rock, translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine gleamed among a silvery honeycomb of nickel-iron.

Cheer up and dry your damp eyes, and tell me when it rains and I'll blend up that rainbow above you and shoot it through your veins ~Owl City