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Chalcopyrite..more color variations than a peacock....but just as intriguing.

Chalcopyrite, which comes in an amazing assortment of different colors (and sometimes not)

Chalcopyrite, Pyrite. Recuerdo Vein, Huanzala Mine, Huallanca District, Dos de Mayo Province, Huanuco Department, Peru. 4.7 x 3.9 x 3.5 cm

calcite with chalcopyrite usually calcite bores me, but this one looks awesome

Quando me ne andai, il cielo mi si presentò proprio così: non avevo più nulla da ottenere, stavo bene. Nulla più da obiettare, nulla da domandare, solo il suo azzurro che mi invadeva.

Chalcopyrite and Dolomite. I actually have a chalcopyrite sample from Mexico! such a pretty mineral.

Chalcopyrite (Crown Chakra) : This mineral increases your perceptive abilities. It assists you in pulling ethereal energy to you to bring information to you and others. Peacock ore can be used to break up energy blockages and can open up and cleanse the Crown Chakra. It makes an excellent meditation stone.

Calcite with Chalcopyrite/Marcasite. Calcite, an amazing stone symbolizes enlightenment and mental growth. It is an energy amplifier and cleanser of negative or malicious energies. Can clear and activate ALL Chakra