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A vivid turquoise blue Chrysocolla exterior has been partially polished to reveal an amazing interior of velvety concentric bands of darker and lighter green chatoyant Malachite. Origin: Congo

MALACHITE for ridding negative energy. Helps heart and tooth ailments! It works!

Malachite - I dug some of this up in Utah many moon ago with a friend - I still have it. Healing and soothing.

Malachite, 1 of My FAVORITES that I Work with, But Use Caution if Grinding etc Releasing the Dust because Carcinogenic

malachite-magnificent color palette for chocolate browns, for a deep, rich & not to warm feel

MALACHITE - I love malachite and this is gorgeous.

Malachite - The Fact That These Rare Metals Even Exist Will Blow You Away.. #5 Has To Be From Another Planet | Lumazing

Vintage Print Rocks and Minerals Azurite and by PineandMain. $6.00, via Etsy.