Rhodochrosite on Tetrahedrite and Quartz from Colorado

Rhodochrosite with Quartz and Pyrite

Mineral and Fossil Specimen with Box - Our Mineral Specimen Box is glass topped kiri wood that is lined with linen and showcase exceptional fossil and mineral specimens from across the globe. Varieties may differ from what is shown but include Gypsum, Blue Celestite, Amethyst, pyrite and more. Ideal for the amateur collector, these stunning boxes are fantastic for a study or home library bookshelf.

Assorted Bulk Rough Rose Quartz Crystals by SoulMakes

Crystals for Emotional Balance — Work with Malachite, Lepidolite, Moonstone, Rose Quartz, or Rhodochrosite to help re-balance your emotions. Wear or hold your preferred crystal as needed. — Related Chakras: Heart and Solar Plexus


fire agate in quartz


Rhodochrosite pierced by a double terminated Quartz crystal / Sweet Home Mine, Colorado

Rhodochrosite from Argentina

Four naturally occuring mineral crystals together. Rhodochrosite, Quartz, Pyrite, Galena from Colorado by John Betts. (From the famous, now gone, Sweet Home Mine)

Polished Rhodochrosite Stalagmites - Argentina

Rhodochrosite with Pyrite and Sphalerite......looks like little roses all over a stone!!!

Rhodochrosite: Wearing or placing on or near the heart can calm the emotions and heal and balances yin and yang | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #rhodochrosite

Tanzanite : high vibrating and stimulates your crown, third-eye and throat chakra. This combination of stimulation make it an excellent choice for enhancing your work with spirit communication; amazing for helping you explore and find your true self. This stone is one of the stones that accelerates our coming of age. If you work with metaphysics and the spirit world this stone should be on your list of must haves. | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #magicstones #tanzanite

Cactus Quartz

Prehnite: a stone that "heals the healer;" induces deep meditation, useful in visualization, and is powerful in contacting the higher self; enhances precognition and inner knowing while aiding in accessing higher spiritual beings | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #prehnite

Linarite crystals nestled in a vug of Quartz crystal and breccia matrix.

Looks like a beautiful flower... earthshaped: Rhodochrosite “blossom” Wolf Mine, Betzdorf, Siegerland, Germany

Chalcopyrite with Quartz from Colorado