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dendritic peruvian opal - lovely landscape view!

dendritic peruvian opal by Jeannius Designs, via Flickr

Nature Art: petrified plant! "Mocha choca locha stone" by Captain Tenneal 2008-02 (@flickr 6043385962)

fauxpals (Faux Opals) by meeellla, via Flickr Instructions to make can be found at:

Lightning Ridge Opal Specimen by Wood's Stoneworks and Photo Factory, via Flickr

Opal: Fantastic up close detail of an Opal stone. Lines, shapes and colour. Incredible ideas forming in my head that need to get onto paper!!

Blue Green Peruvian Opal: enhances cosmic consciousness while promoting psychic visions. Assists in bringing forth and expressing the "authentic self" | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #opal