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    Honeycomb Calcite Stone

    Orange calcite

    Ruby: Most powerful gem in the universe. Contentment and peace.Wards off bad dreams. Ruby rings worn on left hand to receive life force & have protection. Symbol of vitality & royalty. Powerful Heart Stone, opens & activate Heart Chakra. Protect against loss of heart energy dissolves emotional congestion. Heals & balances emotions, Intense & vivid energy of Ruby stimulate love emotions, help with expression of love can facilitate passion. Shield against psychic & emotional attacks.

    Specular Hematite slab The Grounded Flow Stone by TheSageGoddess, $10.00

    Variscite: the stone of encouragement by manifesting courage and hope; very useful in past life exploration; also aids in clear thinking and energy restoration | #perspicacityparty #magicgeodes #veriscite


    Also known as Angelite, used for contacting the Angelic Realm along with some various other crystals, Celestite, Mangano Calcite and Seraphinite are a few of the crystals used for Angelic Communication. Angelite A stone of heightened awareness, with special focus on peace and brotherhood. It is used to facilitate contact with angels.

    Our hand selected Agate stones come in a choice of colors that show off the banded structure of the gold metal. The slices are thin enough to let light shine through the agate, which make the color & designs glow beautifully. - See more at:

    Charoite, Russian ~ "This mineral fills the chakras with a loving spiritual emotion of purity, opens the heart to allow one to "see" with love, and to recognize the connection between "All." From Love is in the Earth by Melody

    Natural orange calcite stone point lamp by SoulMakes 2

    Orange Calcite

    Quartz on Chrysocolla from Arizona

    Rhodochrosite with plumes!

    Sugilite / South Africa

    Unusually perfect specimen of chrysanthemum rock. This close-up shows the 1 1/2 pound stone with a flower-like pattern that is is made of celestite and calcium deposits on black limestone.

    Cobaltian calcite

    emerald cluster on calcite

    °Malachite an excellent protection stone especially for children!

    Chrysacola druzy and Malachite