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  • Gail Dano

    Calcite Flower, made by mother nature~

  • Teresa Capaldo

    #Chakra #Reiki #gem stones #Calcite~ "The Stone of Light"

  • Anna Williamson

    Calcite crystals. Looks like a water lily!

  • Stellar Mermaid

    Calcite - another beautiful flower; art from the earth

  • Line Juhl

    all calcite emits an energy that "amplifies" the energies of the body and mind natural colors over color-appropriate charkas have cleared energies in those areas helps teach the world to be aware and appreciate the creative forces of nature aids in dysfunction orders related to the pancreas, kidney, spleen and bone growths

  • Barry-Jansson And Associates

    Calcite crystals - looks like a lotus flower

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As a chemist, this is the most pure specimen of gold I have even set my eyes on. I spent a year measuring the purity of gold for the treasury, and I must say that I have never seen a specimen of such beauty and purity.

Phantom Quartz: Phantom quartz is one of the stones to be used for the redemption and cleansing of the earth. The phantom quartz works to bring together the participants of humanity to save the planet.. specimens are excellent sources of initiating of the healing.. Phantom Quartz can also be used to access the records of ones progression through past lives.

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Calcite with Chalcopyrite/Marcasite. Calcite, an amazing stone symbolizes enlightenment and mental growth. It is an energy amplifier and cleanser of negative or malicious energies. Can clear and activate ALL Chakra

Calcite (nailhead stalactite) from Hilton Mine, Cumbria #minerals #rocks #crystal

Crystals / American Museum of Natural History........beautiful!

This calcite photo gives me the shivers just from looking at it. Very powerful stone.

Calcite on Brucite | ©iRocks Wessels Mine, Kalahari Manganese Fields, South Africa.

Calcite: from the 2013 Tucson Gem & Mineral Show (photo by Renate Surh)