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    Strengite crystals on matrix / Indian Mountain, Alabama

    A Rare Russian Mineral Spar Tower,18th-19th Century.


    Fluorite cubes nestled between blades of white Barite

    A slice of the Fukang meteorite. When it slammed into the surface of Earth, there was little sign of the beauty that lay inside. But cutting the Fukang meteorite open yielded a breathtaking sight. Within the rock, translucent golden crystals of a mineral called olivine gleamed among a silvery honeycomb of nickel-iron.

    Rare Dendritic Agate / India

    Blue crystal formation

    put the large crystal in the living room in center of fireplace but no candles / do not light. put more crystals around that as well.

    Quartz with phantom mw

    "Chrysanthemum rock" -- celestite crystals in a limestone matrix.

    Opal Fire - Ruby Optical Lead Crystal, Dichroic Lamination - 7" or 10"


    Carson Fox - Orange Crystal Spikes | Buy natural #gemstones online at #GemstoneSerendipity #gemstones #minerals #rocks #stones #fossils

    ❥ Prase Quartz # Pin++ for Pinterest #

    3" Shiny silver dyscrasite crystals with allergentum in calcite from Morocco.

    A strange, strange calcite // Hemispherical formation of lustrous translucent colorless calcite crystals with no matrix attached. The calcite crystals are hexagonal form with rhombohedral terminations and they fluoresce orange under UV illumination.

    Quartz Crystal *living love*cleaning and clearing*carrier of information*: HELP clearing our waters, send crystals to Fukushima!!? See Little Grandmother and her message!

    Fossil stones collection by SoulMakes

    Amazonite: is a powerful filtering stone; also soothes and calms the brain; balancing masculine and feminine energy, this stone helps you see both sides of an issue.