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    Narazaki Eisho (1868-1936)

    Gold lacquered Samurai helmet and half mask featuring a gingko leaf-shaped crest Japan 17th - 18th century CE. The gingko leaf is a symbol of longevity.

    Sumi Ink Catfish. Japanese hanging scroll painting.

    Japanese Puppets Bunraku | 文楽 bunraku, Japanese puppet theatre | Facebook

    Script writer outside the Ginkaku-ji temple, Kyoto, Japan By David M Byrne

    Netsuke were used as a hanging pendant on a traditional Japanese clothing kimono (着 物) and kosode (帯 钳), which was devoid of pockets. Little things like a pouch or key was placed in special containers, called sagemono (下げ 物). Tanks could take the form of pouch or small wicker baskets, but the most popular were the drawers inro (印 笼), which closed with the help of beads slide along a cord ojime (緒締め). Inro were attached to a belt kimonono obi (帯) with a cord. He was tied to the ring, folded in

    best chinese terracotta army horses pictures to pin - Google Search

    Gongbi Painting Chinese Traditional Painting with Meticulous Detail China culture Qiu Ying, Shen Quan

    Xi'an, China - Terracotta Army Pit 2

    Koson Japanese Woodblock Print Snowbirds | eBay

    Carpe KoÏ

    Katsushika Hokusai

    Black carp - Utagawa Kuniyoshi. S)

    Shotei, Thunderstorm at Tateishi

    Kuniyoshi woodblock print


    Yokoyama Taikan, Japan

    Kirifuri Fall on Kurokami Mount, Katsushika Hokusai

    Pigment remains on 2,200 year old terra cotta soldier statue - qin shi huang di - China


    Noh mask.

    鰭崎英朋 Hirezaki Eiho「蚊帳の前の幽霊」


    Horse, China, early Western Han dynasty, 206-100 B.C

    Japanese art OHARA Koson, Japan