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    shut. up.

    3y Saved to WTH?????
    • Summer Reyes-Carullo

      GoGirl Female Urination Device - Lavender - Getting one for me and my daughter. Will be great for camping trips, concerts and festivals, or dirty bathrooms

    • I

      Because it's not fair that boys get to pee standing up while girls have to squat over filthy toilets or hide in a bush somewhere. Awesome for camping or road trips with kids.

    • Sheila Ramseyer-Flotow

      For girls on a camping trip and all you have is the great outdoors and no toilet. Not a bad idea at all

    • Bec Waters

      Ok...your immediate thought was eww gross, but then you think "Wow, I can finally write my name in the snow, pee out the tent door in the middle of the night, and pee standing up without having to squat behind a bush and accidentally getting it all over my pants! Yes! Brilliant! I want it!"

    • Susan Wyno

      This made me laugh....good idea for when you gotta go and squating is difficult, but the thought of having to wash it out afterwoods?

    • Laressa Brooks Silva

      GoGirl Female Urination Device - Lavender interesting item, like the idea of standing up, but still not sure if I could use it. But when your out in the woods and need to go.

    • Rachel Coone

      GoGirl Female Urination Device - wtf! Not a bad idea for the doctors though... Lmaoooo

    • Jessica Barton

      OMG coolest idea ever! now i can finally pee standing up outside ha ha

    • Stacy Nguyen

      Go Girl pee standing up.

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