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Quartz with green Epidote crystals inside.

Tabular green Uvite on Quartz crystal / Brumado, Bahia, Brazil


Salammoniac - an unusual mineral. The crystals have grown in a feather-like form with four sets of growth 90 degrees apart. Environment: Volcanic fumaroles, burning coal seams and guano deposits. [NH4Cl]

frozen fir (quartz with actinolite inclusions)

A fine example of golden Rutile sprays on metalic silver crystals of lustrous Hematite.

Deep blue, blocky, linarite crystal blades in quartz vug and breccia matrix. Location: Grand Reef Mine in Graham County, Arizona, USA.

Phantom Quartz Rock Crystal Cabochon/CAB

Rare Star Hollandite Quartz Cluster / Madagascar

Rose Quartz by by www.SoulMakes.com

Crystalline spheres of translucent Prehnite atop dark green Epidote


fluorite and quartz amalgam.

Giant natural quartz crystal. Whoa mama!

217 cts. Pakistan Peridot, Abstract Organic Carving. This 216 carat Peridot "Green Dream" abstract organic carving by Award-winning cutter, Larry Woods was featured in Gems & Gemology magazine and was also displayed with a Designer Necklace piece at the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC. Mined in 1997 from the Himalayan mountain ranges of Kohistan Valley, Pakistan, the original rough Peridot stone was an extremely rare & valuable specimen for its large size and its rich olive-green color.

smoky quartz

Rare Aquamarine Crystal with Garnet Inclusions / Mineral Friends <3

<3 Perry Brent Davis - Brazilian Agate (var Quartz)

Quartz with a big green cluster of Chlorite inside / Minas Gerais, Brazil

Emerald Crystal