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Me: photo was not labeled. I believe it's Seraphinite (not 100% positive). Called angels wings. It's green & creamy white swirling together. Great stone for Healing. From Wiki: Seraphinite is a trade name for a particular form of clinochlore, (chlorite group) Seraphinite acquired its name due to its resemblance to feathers, such as one might find on a bird's wing. ...The word 'seraph' is from Isaiah 6 in the Hebrew Testament, and refers to winged angelic beings in service of God.

Elestial quartz is considered to be a master Healer. This 'crystal of the angels' is thought to be special due to it's ability to connect us with the higher angelic realms. Sometimes it's called skeletal quartz referring to its inclusions and cavities. It also has all of the properties of smokey quartz. When it comes to energy work, elestials can be intense, not for the beginners.

India's "snow angel". The specimen is a silicate mineral called apophyllite-(KF), which appears in volcanic rocks.

Seraphinite promotes regeneration and self-healing. It's name is derived from the Seraphim (Angels of the highest order) and this stone is used to establish connections to the angelic realm. It carries these vibrations: Greater awareness of the Divine Feminine Restoration of health and balance Connects the physical with the angelic realm Encourages living from the heart Sources of Seraphinite Seraphinite is found only in the Lake Baikal region of Siberia

Angel Aura is a quartz crystal.Uses: uplifting spiritual stone that invites angel guidance, deep peace during meditation and purification, promotes joy, light, optimism, activate the throat chakra, find your personal purpose, channel higher knowledge, reach deeper meditative states

Red Fossil Horn Coral Agatized slice by FenderMinerals , Utah from Fossils board by Vincent Chong #minerals #rocks #crystal

I Like It Natural And Pure...Always In The Country !... samissomarspace.w...