Celestite is known to ease stress in the physical body & is useful in preventing diseases brought on by worry. It has also been used to improve eyesight & hearing. Meditating with it will open a clear channel of communication w/ angels & spirit guides. Sleeping with it promotes dream retention. Worn, it creates eloquence & promotes compassion for the earth & our fellow creatures.

Seraphinite is a wonderful crystal for spiritual enlightenment. It opens the crown chakra and the higher crown chakras and helps you make connections to the angelic realm. It promotes living from the heart. It raises your vibration and is great for out of body experiences. Seraphinite releases muscle tension in the neck, helps chills and promotes weight loss.

Crystals & Stones: #Seraphinite is a stone of spiritual enlightenment said to be among the most important stones discovered for connecting and communicating with higher energies. It facilitates conscious awareness on many higher planes, is excellent for accessing self-healing, promotes living from the heart. It cleanses the aura, strengthens, activates and balances all chakras. Causes old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away, thus creating space for new patterns of well-being to fo...

Metaphysical Properties: Kyanite is one of only two stones which never need cleansing or clearing. Kyanite is a stone of attunement. Good for communication, mental awareness. Stimulates psychic awareness. Excellent for meditation and dream recall. Corresponding Astrological Signs: Taurus, Libra, Aries

Rhodochrosite: The indians worshiped it as the stone of love and the heart. Psychologically it helps the wearer to achieve self knowledge and protects against slander. Also useful in reducing stress. It symbolizes openness. It awakens all-embracing love that is not limited to just one person. Rhodochrosite is linked to Taurus. It has a detoxifying effect on the metabolism. Because of its cleansing properties its a good remedy for skin problems such as spots and acne.


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°Courage stone collection information card by SoulMakes

Rutilated quartz - powerful and strong healing. Connected to the sun energy, by spreading the healing energy to every place in the body, mind and soul. As the rays of sun, the light touch and arousing all places. Heals pain. Opens blocks from the body and soul. Clear obstacles from our way. Help us to find our inner truth and our right direction.

Fluorite octahedrons.***** A highly protective stone...especially on a psychic level. Cleanses and stabilizes the aura. Removes negative energies and stress. Integrates spiritual energies. Effective against computer and electromagnetic stress.

Angel Aura Crystal


Crystals for Guidiance: Kyanite Sugilite Tanzanite Lapis Lazuli Celestite Angelite Danburite Tanzanite


Prase Quartz

Celestine |

Seraphinite stalactite slice

This collection was curated to help harmonize and stabilize one’s mind, body, and soul, establishing balance in their lives. Each stone offers powerful healing

Celestite is good for helping one to access the spiritual realms, and if you want to experiment with astral travel, it is a good stone for that purpose. Celestite helps to access the angelic realms safely, and provides for clarity and lucidity in communicating with Angels.