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    Raw Crystals

    Rhodochrosite; N’Chwaning II Mine, Northern Cape Province, South Africa / Mineral Friends ♥

    Shigaite on Rhodochrosite

    ~ rhodochrosite from south africa ~

    Despujolsite a rare manganese sulfate from the N'Chwaning III Mine, Kalahari Manganese Field, South Africa

    Sturmanite - South Africa

    Shigaite crystal. A very uncommon mineral, this extremely hydrated (has 8 to 22 waters in its chemical formula) Manganese-Aluminum sulfate is captured here in a Joe Budd image. Shigaite was discovered in Shiga Perfecture, Japan, 27 years ago. Shigaite is also found in Michigan's Iron Range, Mont Saint-Hilaire-Quebec, and at the Wessels Mine in South Africa.

    Papagoite included in Quartz from South Africa

    Ajoite in Quartz - South Africa

    Kutnohorita with Manganoan Calcite - N'Chwaning II Mine, South Africa / Mineral Friends ♥

    Rhodochrosite - N'Chwaning, Northern Cape Prov., South Africa

    Sugilite - Kalahari, South Africa

    Rhodochrosite - Cape Province, South Africa

    Rhodochrosite / N'Chwaning Mine, South Africa

    Papagoite and Copper included in Quartz from South Africa

    Hematite from N'Chwanning Mine, Kuruman, South Africa

    Rhodochrosite $ 900 N'Chwanning Mine, Kuruman, South Africa

    Red Inesite on orange Prehnite - South Africa

    PYRITE on CALCITE :: Iouriren Mine, Akka, Tiznit Province, Morocco, Africa

    Dioptase - Tsumeb Mine, Tsumeb, Namibia