Unusually perfect specimen of chrysanthemum rock. This close-up shows the 1 1/2 pound stone with a flower-like pattern that is is made of celestite and calcium deposits on black limestone.

Calcite~ "The Stone of Light"


Trapiches are a rare kind of Emerald with the presence of black carbon impurities giving the Emerald a radial six pointed star pattern. It is usually made into oval and round cabochons but can come in different shapes .

Detroit Agate

floral azurite

Bismuth Geode

Obsidian, Black (Apache Tears) called the Mirror Stone it reflects one’s personal shortcomings such that they can come to the conscious to be dealt with, then let go of. The most well know of the different colors is Apache Tears a black obsidian. Obsidian can help protect against the negativity of others and has a grounding influence helping one to stay focused in the moment.

A sensational multi-star quartz photographed by Tino Hammid and featured in The Handbook of Gemology. |

Purchase a piece of tumbled Tiger Eye- a stone of strength and leadership.

Garnet Inclusion in Diamond

Minerals & Gems ~ Scolecite on Stilbite

Amethysten Blume

Agate geode

Crystals & Stones: #Imperial #Jasper, from Mexico.


Labradorite - my favorite stone!

Apatite & Black Tourmaline

Prase Quartz

Mineral and Fossil Specimen with Box - Our Mineral Specimen Box is glass topped kiri wood that is lined with linen and showcase exceptional fossil and mineral specimens from across the globe. Varieties may differ from what is shown but include Gypsum, Blue Celestite, Amethyst, pyrite and more. Ideal for the amateur collector, these stunning boxes are fantastic for a study or home library bookshelf.

Rutile with Quartz and Hematite