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  • Eileen

    Aragonite increases energy, in particular it increases the energy of prayers. Metaphysically is it said to boost self-confidence and feelings of self-worth. Diminishes anger and relieving stress are other metaphysical . Aragonite is professed by mystical lore to be beneficial for chronic fatigue, hair loss. Yellow Aragonite is usually associated with the solar plexus chakra.

  • Simply Stacey

    Aragonite. Balancing energy fields, emotional healing, renewed strength and confidence. Element: Storm. Chakras: All.

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Blue Aragonite Stone holding a deep rooted peaceful and spiritual energy, encourages the time when one must step away from the crowd and take Solitude.This stone takes the mind, body and soul on a journey full of spiritual insight, wisdom and of truth. also encourages one to speak true words, speak with peace and with harmony. A stone to help one know when enough has been said, when enough has been done, when the time has come to retreat into a place of Solitude, whether in mind, body or spirit.

Aragonite from China / Mineral Friends ♥

"SUPER 7 QUARTZ" These high crystal energy stones have a vibration that will help metaphysical activities on a variety of levels. This energy aids spiritual and psychic workers to take their talents to the next level higher. Anyone who has already developed any psychic powers, will understand why many people prefer to call these Sacred Seven Stones. ►My Shop:

Ruby crystal Ruby’s metaphysical properties: Heart Chakra toner, actively stimulates the Base Chakra, increasing vitality and chi, the life-force energy, throughout the physical body and into the spirit. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation.

Green Fluorite with Aragonite inclusions - Russia / Mineral Friends ♥

Aquamarine - In ancient times, aquamarine stones were carried by travelers for protection for journeys, since they were believed to have many metaphysical properties, such as aiding meditation, quieting the mind, reducing stress, uplifting one's mood, reducing fear, clarifying perception, stabilizing unsettled surroundings and helping one become attuned to nature. The color blue is calming and helps alleviate anxiety.

etaphysical Properties of Tibetan Quartz Tibetan Quartz exhibits powerful Om vibrations. They are attuned to the esoteric knowledge and ancient wisdom of cultures of the East and are helpful in healing practices to bring energy to a certain area or chakra on the body. Aids in deepening spiritual meditation and balancing chakras and meridians. Tibetan Quartz can often have black inclusions of carbon within it, incorporating Mother Earth’s powerful grounding energies.