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  • Fiona Assis

    Cuprosklodowskite: Cuprosklodowskite is a secondary uranium mineral formed by alteration of earlier uranium minerals. Its empirical formula is Cu[(UO2)(SiO2OH)]2•6(H2O). It was named in the mistaken belief that the mineral was the copper analogue of sklodowskite, which in turn was named for Marie Curie (née Maria Sklodowska) (1867–1934). Cuprosklodowskite is a nesosilicate mineral, It is grass green to dark green in color, and its crystal habit is typically acicular flat bladed crystals. Cuprosklodowskite was discovered in 1933 at the Kalongwe deposit in (then) Katanga province, Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaïre), the type locality. Cuprosklodowskite is a strongly radioactive mineral. And also, gorgeous.

  • Alicia Auping

    Emerald City

  • Sarah Leigh

    nature mindfuck

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