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    Ocean jasper with druzy quartz #crystal #mineral. Gorgeous.

    ocean jasper

    Ocean Jasper

    Chrysocolla with Quartz

    Brazilian Quartz

    Watermelon Tourmaline


    Agatized fossilized dinosaur bones are petrified with silica or quartz crystals which gives them their colorful, glassy appearance. This process preserves the actual cell structure of the once living dinosaur.

    These cute blue chalcedony "people" seem to peer at us from their chrysocolla cave. Chalcedony is simply a non-crystalline form of quartz, the same chemical composition as quartz crystals, agate and jasper, to name a few.

    put the large crystal in the living room in center of fireplace but no candles / do not light. put more crystals around that as well.

    Ocean jasper

    Malachite replacing Azurite

    Petroleum trapped inside a Quartz crystal. And it is fluorescent!

    Quartz with Titanium Crystal

    Ocean jasper - fabulous

    Cactus quartz (sometimes known as Spirit Quartz) is a new mineral that was discovered in South Africa in February 2002 this was a find like no other. The local African people call it Spirit Quartz. These unusual, sparkly purple, orange and white crystals really do look like little baby cactus.Uses: transmission of directional energy, return healing energy to the user, understand duality, visualization, meditation, connecting with the Inner Self and the Higher Self.

    Ocean Jasper

    Quartz crystalsite gem stones

    Quartz & gold

    quartz crystal

    Tourmaline on Quartz