tumbling blocks lesson

Line, warm and cool colors, complimentary colors, Op Art, 3rd grade

ART lesson

Inspired by French artist Sonia Delaunay's work - a fine balance of color, shape and line as an abstract form of art. Color theory, line, movement.

Op art! Simple one-day, three-supply lesson.

5th grade op art!

Q-Tip Pointillism - I'm thinking a lesson on "Seurat the dot" and then an activity. If it comes out cool... yeah, I'd frame that.

Line lesson

colour wheel

Valentines' art lesson - color contrast - 1st or 2nd grade, after color wheel lesson.

Line, Color, Movement: sub lesson?

Op-art, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, colored pencils, markers,

.How fun is this? good sub lesson

Art Lessons for kids

Art Lessons For Kids - Animal Silhouettes and | http://3dartscollectionsjulius.blogspot.com

art lesson

great lesson!

Grade 3-5

Sub lesson

Great idea for an art lesson to cover: color, shading, shape, perspective & composition all in 1 lesson.

optical illusion lesson-step by step