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If you love Percy Jackson then you will love Percabeth aka.. Percy and Annabeth.

HD Wallpaper and background photos of Seaweed Brain and Wise Girl (colored) for fans of The Heroes of Olympus images.

Leo Valdez I love you

such an amazing character. both sad and broken yet silly and crazy at the same time. dedicated and insane. song "Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys"

Leo and his mom

Stop stealing mom’s tools you little punk. Aaahhh sorry for the inactivity have a part of something big I was gonna do but idk if I’ll ever finish so eh little Leo and mom f

Bad Boy Supreme

Viria is such an amazing artist, so lucky the PJO fandom has her. And the ladies love a bad boy!

Leo Valdez

Nah, I am just a mechanic. Well of course I would make Leo too. I am strangelo fond of the idea of drawing Leo with some moles. ( viria ) <-- this is my favorite fanart of him