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  • Krystle Moore-Mazonde HSBE Fall 2014

    Education: Many people become infected with #HIV as teens or young adults. School programs can play a vital role in preventing HIV among youth and help the US reach an HIV-free generation.

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    HIV Among US Youth | New Visions Healthcare Blog - #HIV #AIDS #hcsm #hcmktg #ACA #hcr #hcsm #women #healthinsurance #healthdisparities #healtheconomics #cities #population #prevention #healthcare -

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CDC #infographic: Many people get infected with HIV as a teen or young adult. School programs are vital to achieving an HIV-free generation.

We’ve put together this infographic on HIV/AIDS and youth using this new report and older information to help raise awareness of the importance of HIV testing and care for young people.

HIV Among US Youth | New Visions Healthcare Blog

Learn more about the school sex education programs at

AIDS was rapidly increasing in the 1980's, and in the play As Is, the main character had aids and wasn't sure how others would react to his disease.

New Survey Shows HIV Testing Up Among Teens, Young Adults |

Via Act Against AIDS - Today is National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day. Do you talk to your friends and families about preventing ‪#‎HIV‬ and getting tested? Tell us about those conversations! SHARE to spread awareness. ‪#‎NYHAAD‬

Everyone can play a role in preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Learn 6 ways to be a safe patient & protect yourself from infections at the hospital.

Adolescents & young adults are disproportionately impacted by STDs! #STDs #HIV #AIDS Nearly half of all new STD cases are in young people between the ages of 15 and 24. This video discusses the importance of a healthy dialogue between youth and providers concerning their sexual health, and features CDC Epidemiologist, Elizabeth Torrone, PhD MSPH.

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