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Remote communities are 'lifestyle choices', says Tony Abbott

Tony Abbott has shrugged off the decision to close 150 Western Australian remote Indigenous communities, saying the taxpayer should not have to fund people’s “lifestyle choices”. The WA premier, Colin Barnett, foreshadowed the closure of up to 150 remote communities after the commonwealth said funding for them would soon lapse and fall entirely to the states. The federal government is currently a major contributor to keeping the communities afloat.

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Citarum River in Indonesia, considered to be the most polluted river in the world

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Climate change is real, HOWEVER... it's caused by our government and their "Geo Engineering" program. Look up in the sky the next bright sunny day and see all those strange 5 mile long straight clouds that criss cross the blue, and then silver sky.


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Republicans, the same dimwit group that pointed out that smog was good for the environment because it blocked more sun light thereby reducing global warming.

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Lawyers Who Defended Delhi Gang Rapists Say A Woman Is A "Flower" Who Should Stay Indoors At Night

India earlier this week banned the documentary, which was due to be aired on March 8, after preview clips showing unapologetic comments from Mukesh Singh, one of the five people convicted of the attack, went viral.

The most cynical thing ever: getting patriotic, brave, altruistic people to go kill others so that you can make more money. It's disgusting!