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"Just enjoy it. A lot of people, because it's so intense, might let it close in on them and get a bit overwhelmed. You need to enjoy it for what it is and have fun with it." – Harry Styles Photo: PR Photos

Harry in Barcelona... Via @Go1DenUpdates

Zayn holding a puppy! just posted! Also you can see Zayn's perrie tattoo upclose !

I absolutely adore this picture❤ I need more followers and ill do a follow for follow. Comment below when you follow me so i can follow you back. ♥

Harry:imagine ur son on Harry's knee just like this and staring into Harry's eyes as harry plays the ukelele for ur son,a smile plastered on his face the whole entire time!~Angelina

Liam at the O2 Matinee

YOU!! You smirking life ruining angel you! I love you so much! but hate you because you ruined my life. :) xx

Harry can u not. can you guys imagine him as a football player and omg i should stop talking

Is that jawline legal??<< is he even legal ?? Hey Harry are you a parking ticket cause you got FINE written all over you?;)