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The terrifically colorful roosters are one of my all time favorite projects...theyre inspired by Picassos Le Coq...and I think all of the students were channeling his creativity when they worked on these. I would frame each and every one of the results!

How to do scratch art projects for kids

How to do scratch art, A classic children's process art project idea. Use this art tutorial to learn how to make scratch art designs.

The Scream – Edvard Munch. The most famous piece by Edvard Munch, painted around 1893. It was painted using oil and pastel on cardboard. This frightening painting is on display at The National Gallery, Oslo, Norway

This lesson was suggested to Mrs. Brown by a students and it has become a popular drawing assignment among students. They create an outerspace picture being as creative as they want to be (aliens, etc..). After they are finished with their drawing the color it in using oil pastels, then paint the whole paper black to make it look like everything is floating in space.

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