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Joshua Close, Andrew Chalmers, 2004 | Essential Gay Themed Films To Watch, A Home at the End of the World

When I saw that episode i was like "It's Andrew Garfield! No. Yeeees! It can't be! But it is! But... No, no buts, its him. Better IMDb it..." *proceeds to IMDb like never before* "Holy Gallifrey, its Andrew Garfield. Freakin' Spider-Man was on Doctor Who!"

I kind of missed Andrew Scott in the new episode.Let his death be fake too.Best homo villian ever.And maybe Sherlock and him can bump into each other on the street and go like "You too o.O".MARKGATISSSEETHISPLS.

The dogs that are closely related to wolves - WTF fun fact

Black Bear Closeup

Nothing like a close bear encounter to make you rethink what you're packing and how your camp is set up, and how you travel in the woods. Admittedly I had a quick cry from the stress of being huffed at close range, back at camp...