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sweet little long tailed tit; The Long-tailed Tit or Long-tailed Bushtit (Aegithalos caudatus) is a common bird found throughout Europe and Asia.

Cardinal in the birch trees

Winter Trees Birch Birch Trees Bird Red Cardinal by ImagineStudio. This kind of image would make me miss winter, if I lived in the tropics.

White-browed Rose Finch by James Ownby

Himalayan White-browed Rosefinch (Carpodacus thura) by James Ownby in Bhutan.

Mr. and Mrs. Redbird by Bonnie Barry

Mr. And Mrs. Redbird In Pine Tree Greeting Card for Sale by Bonnie Barry

Yellow/orange cardinal:  SERIOUSLY!        Where do you find a  cardinal that looks like that???

xanthocroistic Northern cardinal A "Lutino" Cardinal - Ohio Birds and Biodiversity

Tufted titmouse. Leaves a lot of her "tuft" in her nest every year.

Image via Tufted titmouse. Leaves a lot of her "tuft" in her nest every year. Image via The Turquoise-Browed Motmot inhabits Central America from SE Mexico (mostly the Yucatán Peninsula)

Accept the things  To which fate binds you and  Love the people with whom fate  Brings you together  But do so with all your heart.

Swallows in a snowstorm ~ photographer Keith Williams. Excellent set of photos! Migrating from Central America, these birds were caught in a freak snowstorm in May in the Yukon Territory of Canada.

http://www.petbuzzusa.com/quail-eggs/ Desert Cardinal. Wonder which deserts this one is in? I live in the desert and never saw one of these beauties!

The Pyrrhuloxia or Desert Cardinal (Cardinalis sinuatus) is a medium-sized North American song-bird, found year-round in the desert scrub and mesquite thickets of the American southwest and northern Mexico.