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No! i cannot choose who is cuter between Min Holly or Park Ippi (Jimin's name as the dog)

Bangtan winning Album of the Year!! Yes, you finally did it!! You totally deserve it, your dream came true~ You finally received this award thanks to all your hard work and efforts!❤ You did great and worked hard♡ You went through so much Congratulations my boys~❤

BTS are *whispers* sunbaes *gasps* iTS HAPPENING! VOTE BTS ON MAMA!!!!!!!!!! GoGoGo! Gotta vote yall fAKEUS!!! ✌✌✌ ❤ #BTS #방탄소년단

SO CUTE. Original cake design and concept by @kekandco (reindeer) and @jennaraecakes (unicorn) It's amazing how many bakers @cakeporm can see who continuously don't bother crediting the work of others that have clearly INSPIRED them. These bakers won't be reposted on this account. Edit: thanks so much for all the comments below guys I love that this post has been very engaging. Of course it can be hard to figure out who the original baker is but there are people who replicate and give no ...