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Subtraction Squish! | There's Just One Mommy

Subtraction Squish

Such a fun way to practice subtraction facts! Here's a simple math facts activity that mixes sensory play and using a number line when teaching subtraction.

For kids who like cars, trains, etc. You can use the parking lot lines for adding or subtracting or estimating or comparing numbers of different vehicles that will fit in the parking lines (like on a ferry). Older kids could design their own parking lot with tape in a given area to see how many car spaces can fit in their lot.  If you change the design, does it change the number of spaces that fit, remembering to leave room for the cars to drive out of the lot?

Does your kid love toy cars? Use this math game to get them to learning math with their favorite toys! Material: painter's tape, sharpie (marker), and lots of toy cars via What Do We Do All Day

Lego math! Boys will LOVE this!

Lego math worksheets - great idea to do with real legos, too! I am thinking multiplication practice too!

Just Add Clipart: Week in Review- Math | Can be very easily altered for music!

Patterning with Fruit Loops.Aiden and I do this with Fruit Loops, Multi-grain Cheerios, raisins, pretzels, etc.

Wrap numicon in foil. Chn write down guess, unwrap foil and write down actual number - chocolate wrappers for cinema out and about theme.

At NL we hid the foil wrapped numicon in the sand pit. Children used metal detectors to 'treasure hunt' for the numicon. Also foil wrapped matching numeral cards.

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Share:Numicon is a very powerful way to teach about addition. We’re still developing our understanding of ‘count count count’, this… more →

Montessori-Inspired Greater Than Less Than Alligator Math

Montessori-Inspired Greater Than Less Than Alligator Math - link to a free printable and ideas for creating a fun, hands-on activity to teach greater than and less than (my monthly post at PreK + K Sharing)

Ideas para Enseñar matematicas a los niños

Ideas para Enseñar matematicas a los niños

Frog Spot: Subtraction Fun (using frogs on a log for bendy snake for carrot patch, octopus legs for I love this idea for numeracy!