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baby ballerina,some day I will dance in Heaven with my Jenna. But for now I will dream of her. I love you baby girl!!

Adorable. Tiny ballet slippers. Where it all begins... < --------- Original Pinner <3 Yes, it does start with those tiny lil' feet. June 19th is the Colossal Class #1. I'm starting off in a class with 5 year olds for a 5 week intro to Ballet. LOL, I luv kids and I'm excited to begin my classes with them. In August, I will begin my Fall Adult Ballet Class, so these 5 weeks should prep me alil' :-) . I'm pretty loosened up do to yoga so it won't be a shocker I assume but we will see...... <3

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. ~ Martha Graham If I ever have a little girl I want this picture with her!