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A taxidermy deer head with human hair wig and a lacey womens collar « « Mayhem & Muse

Agressive glam by Joji Kojima

If you haven’t heard of luxury jewelry designer Joji Kojima before, it’s possible you may have seen some of his work without necessarily knowing it. Kojima, who is revolutionizing his field with expressionist jewelry that both amazes and

fashion photography by Effelle

Fashion photography by Effelle Photography

For the motorcycle. Integrating luxury with safety gear. This photo is great inspiration to heavily embellish rock ‘n’ roll looks. Safety first!

joji kojima - so dark. so lovely.

az első jó 100 Masked Fashion Features - From Mutinous Masked Models to Laced Sleeping Beauties (CLUSTER)

Leviticus Jewelry

Purse with teeth - Nancy Fouts. Where can I add teeth in my stuff?

Im ready for my closeup.

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dress me up and take me out!!

Anna Wintour as a Hairless Cat. This gets an honorary pin and is the best thing ever, lol.