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Love this website where it showcases great bento boxes but also where to get the accessories and recipes for what to put in them.

Contents of preschooler lunch: Tamagoyaki rolled egg (my tutorials here for both traditional and shortcut versions), teriyaki pineapple chicken meatballs (Aidells brand, my favorite), orange wedge, cheese cube, steamed broccoli and red bell pepper, and puff pastry appetizers with sweet sauteed onion, sage and Gorgonzola cheese

Contents of adult bento lunch: Pasta frittata made with leftover spaghetti, shrimp & tomato sauce (see the full pasta frittata tutorial). Sauteed orange bell pepper with garlic & soy sauce, and green grapes.

I like the bottled beverage like that. I'm a sucker for water bottles!

Contents of preschooler bento lunch: Vegetable gyoza with dipping sauce, blueberries, tamagoyaki (Japanese rolled egg, see my tutorial), and sauteed asparagus and red bell peppers with vinaigrette dressing.

Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当

Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当 - How I wish my lunchbox was so yummy.

Japanese box lunch, Bento. Oh, I love it love love it (^_^) ♥

Love Japanese Bento Lunch #Flower bento

Japanese box lunch, Bento お弁当

Healthy lunches Courtney Baker Baker Baker Boaz here's a good listing of what I've been creating on my own!