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Charles V and the Empress Isabella/ This is a copy of a lost painting by Titian. The double portrait was painted by Titian in Augsburg in 1548. The Empress's portrait is posthumous, it is presumably based on a Netherlandish original. It is uncharacteristically lifeless in the treatment of the head and costume. However, the painting includes an evocative view of a mountainous landscape through the window on the right.

Duke Philip ‘The Fair' of Burgundy (1478–1506), as a Boy by Jacob van Laethem (attributed to) National Trust Date painted: c.1495. 1st Habsburg to be King of Castile. Son of Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I. He inherited the greater part of the Duchy of Burgundy and the Burgundian Netherlands from his mother, Mary, briefly succeeded to Crown of Castile as the husband of Queen Joanna, who was also heiress-presumptive to the Crown of Aragon.

1705-1709 Young Maria Luisa holding a miniature portrait of her husband Felipe V of Spain by Maria Leuel

Painting of Francis I of France and his second wife Eleanor of Austria (sister of Charles V) c.1530s-1540s. It was Eleanor, who reportedly refused to be present, as Queen of France, to meet Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn in Calais, she did not acknowledge Anne Boleyn. Her loyalties, as the rest of her family, remained with her aunt, Katharine of Aragon.

Albert VII, Archduke of Austria (1559 - 1621). Son of Maximilian II and Maria of Spain. He was married to Isabella Clara Eugenia of Spain.

Archduchess Magdalena of Austria (also known as Archduchess Magdalena (1532-1590), Daughter of Ferdinand I) Giuseppe Arcimboldo 1563