Ambellina) I had been called up to a meeting with one of the higher ups, and I walk slowly down the halls to the largest door at the end of it. As I knock, a cold voice says "Come in,"

Day of semi after car crash before Skylar finds out about Noah

Mon ami à Paris, Seymour a examiné l'empreinte et il a dit que ce n'était pas l'empreinte de Vaughn. Il a aussi trouvé que l'homme n'était pas un pianiste. Il a travaillé dans un hôpital.

Wanted feel for the hospital scene - Hospital colors: gloomy blue, green and yellow

My view, waiting for surgery since this morning

{Jordan and Chris} During a dance recital, I had fallen off the stage. It wasn’t my fault. This girl named Kaylee pushed me off! No one believes me. I cry as my ankle hurts. I had fractured my ankle, and wrist.

Nozawa 2-32, via Flickr.

Wasn't what I was expecting, but that's whatever. I tilt my head at the green neon light by the stairs. Then, I trudge up the steps, and knock on the door heavily.

A heartbreaking, beautiful account of her stay at a psychiatric hospital.

The People You Meet on the Third Floor of a Psychiatric Hospital

Woman with bipolar disorder, depression and anxiety describes going to a psychiatric hospital on suicide watch and the people she learned from after voluntarily checking in for mental illness recovery.

Urogenital System

Complete, labeled illustrations of the parts of the urogenital system in eight different views and sections. From pre-teen to pre-med, this chart is loaded with beautifully illustrated diagrams clearly and concisely labeled for easy identificat.

SurveySpeak: is wound healing a problem on DMTs? I am sick and tired of my current DMT; it seems to be affecting wound healing. What about you? #SurveySpeak #MSBlog "Prof B (aka the MouseDoctor) was speaking to a person with MS who mentioned to him that since starting drug X they had noticed that minor cuts and abrasions were taking much longer to heal. The process of wound healing is complex and uses many of the same biological processes that the immune system uses to function. Therefore…

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