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Tasmanian Ledges

He’s the main goofyfooter out there, and man does he rule it. Danny Griffiths sulks in small surf and loves when it gets big and scary. He loves charging massive waves and is pretty confident in slabby rights. Look for big things from him in the future.

This wave was a statement for Keala Kennelly, and women’s big-wave surfing at the time in 2005. Even the most sexist of surfers had no choice but to applaud her incredible tube. Photo: McKenna

Fijian Thunder

The wave is so long that sometimes you can pull in right off the ledge and get two or three barrels per wave. This is Kalani Chapman kicking out over the Shish Kebab section. These guys are riding such big boards, and they’re going so fast that sometimes the only way to kick out of a wave is to kick way out, which is what Kalani’s doing here. When it’s bigger and high tide, this section is actually pretty deep, but as the tide drops it gets really shallow, really fast. Cloudbreak

Laird Hamilton's “Millennium Wave,” pictured here, ushered in a new age of big-wave progression. When he let go of the tow rope, the era of bigger, deeper, wider, and thicker began. Photo: McKenna