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Annie Lennox

  • Mariya Wolff

    Annie Lennox from the band Eurythmics is known for her humanistic activism as well as her beautiful voice and commercial success. She is considered a gay icon and widely known for popularizing an androgynous style.

  • Paul Roberts

    Sweet Dreams are Made of This #AnnieLennox

  • Vivienne Luke

    Annie Lennox. The Voice!

  • Jessica Merrill

    Annie Lennox, Eurhythmics days. One of my favorite female singers of all time.

  • Melissa Parker

    Unlikely Style Icon: Annie Lennox’s “Sweet Dreams” Look - The Frisky#more-2474262#more-2474262#more-2474262

  • Charley Fone

    SheWired - Lauren Hutton: Drag King

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