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Into the Wild Photography by Alex Mai

Alex May aka Greatbigwhale is a self taught photographer based in Berlin. He has the gift of causing sudden urge to travel and escape. Alex develops a photography which main theme is nature, the colors of landscapes and portraits are really well captured.

Incredible Night Skies Landscapes

Finnish photographer Mikko Lagerstedt goes on captivating us with his incredible Instagram pictures taken in the fringes of Finland. Milky way, northern lights, red twilight, when nature spread all its magic, the photographer offers us spectacular photographs of it, almost unreal.

Ellen Jantzen Photography

American photographer Ellen Jantzen takes pictures of atmospheric landscapes that she re-works with a retouch software to see the themes of absence, questionnements and uncertainty appearing. She translates her wonderings through decomposed clichés or cut in half by a blurred line.

Into the Wild with Greatbigwhale