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Nerd Love <3

SciFi Coexist Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon Stargate/Doctor Who, Farscape, and Firefly.In one picture

I cannot express how much I love the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Funny pictures about In case of interstellar travel. Oh, and cool pics about In case of interstellar travel. Also, In case of interstellar travel.

OMG Adorable-ness. If Firefly were done in miniature!!!  "Parenting: you're doing it right. #Firefly"

Taken by a P Verrant. Kids cosplaying as Kaylee and Mal from Firefly! These parents are awesome, awesome kids too for running with this. I will do this to my children!

lol funny-d

Avengers Meme - Bring it, Batman. this is tooooo funny. Avngers, Batman, AND How I Met Your mother?

STAR TREK ENTERPRISE PIZZA CUTTER: Good thing my dad has yet to get on Pinterest, because I'm thinking this could be his perfect Father's Day gift (and wanted to share).

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter (Stainless Steel) - Perfect Gift for Trekkies - Live Long And Pizza. by Think Geek ThinkGeek

So this isn't exactly funny, but I love good movie tidbits, and what better than Princess Bride!

The Princess Bride tidbits.

Office space AND star wars AND think geek. Hehe :)

Darth Vader Dark Side Coffee - Do you ever wonder what the crew on the Superstar Destroyer drank to keep them awake during battle? It was probably a cup of Darth Vader Dark Side .

gochaserabbits:    Retro Video Game Controller! Available on GoChaseRabbits, Etsy    A collaboration between GCR and I.  She’s made this fab fab fab skirt with an exclusive fabric I created as per her request, but worry not as you can get similar geek fabrics here: http://www.spoonflower.com/profiles/retropopsugar

Retro Video Game Controller Full Skirt via Etsy I don't know if I could rock this but it is awesome!

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Top 10 Sexiest Professors in Film

Hmm, Harrison Ford/ Indiana jones was a hipster before hipsters were hipster. The ultimate hipster